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League Coaching is the best coaching resource for those who are looking for a career change. Most people choose to become coaches because of the benefits it gives them in their lives. League Coaching can transform a normal person into a professional League of Legends Coach. There are many advantages in becoming a coach of League of Legends and this article will list down all of them so that you too can decide to become a coach.

League of Legends coaching can help you improve yourself by allowing a highly experienced player to give you his opinion and recommendations on how to improve your game. It also allows you to learn from your mistakes and rectify them accordingly later. This is exactly how new players consistently rise up and climb up the ladder faster when they are coached by someone who knows what he is doing. If you’re serious about League of Legends coaching, I recommend getting a discord bot since this is the most effective way of communicating while playing with a live coach.

Communication is the key for successful League of Legends coaching. Communicating with the players, addressing their feedback and concerns and learning the most efficient ways of making improvements are the most important things a coach needs to do to improve his skills. The top players in the league have a strict set of guidelines that they follow which requires regular feedback from the players. Without any feedback from the players, a coach would have no idea on how to change his strategy to suit the players’ needs. Therefore, League of Legends coaching is more than just giving the player’s tips and instructions; it is about consistently analyzing the game and making the necessary changes depending on the situation.

The best thing about League of Legends coaching is that it’s very easy to communicate with the players even if you’re not good at communicating with people. Many top level gamers don’t really communicate with their team mates and this makes it a lot harder for coaches to communicate with the skilled players. However, all you need to know are some effective ways of effectively communicating with the other team. Here are some basic League of Legends coaching tips.

When coaching, try to remember that communication doesn’t mean shouting all the time. Sometimes it’s better to be quiet and explain the strategy behind every play. When League of Legends coaching, always keep an open mind towards the different opinions of the other members. Try to understand what the other team is going to do so that you can counter them accordingly to win the game. Also, try to be a good support for your laner.

A lot of coaches tend to stick to their own strategies despite the help of other members. Sometimes, they don’t even realize that the players they’re coaching might not be using the same strategy. If you have mastered an aggressive jungler in the game then you shouldn’t stick to playing the same one in your coaching session because your teammates might not be comfortable with it. League of Legends coaching will help you understand which champions are best played as supports or junglers.

Some coaches often have trouble explaining why their players are playing the way they are. If you want to gain the respect and trust of other players, make sure you constantly update yourself about the strategies and skills of the champions that you’re coaching. Always provide valid information to your team so that they can easily understand and see the results that you’re aiming to achieve.

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