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Western Canada (visit here) is among the best places to travel through in North America. It offers spectacular scenery of mountain ranges and landscapes. And, there is something for every taste and age with its mountains, forests and valleys. And so, if you are looking for a luxury travel destination that’s affordable and exciting, look no further than the Western Canadian Rockies. You will find luxury accommodation, tours, and travel services to make your luxury vacation a trip you will never forget.

Luxury travel through the Rockies

When planning a trip to the West with your family or friends, there are a few things to consider. One is the route you will take through the Rockies; this is known as the “Rockets route” or the “BC loop.” It begins in Calgary, Alberta and goes through Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, and finally loops around Lake Louise. Depending on your preferred luxury travel company, you can choose a luxury train tour that will bring you through all three regions described above.

Depending on whether you want to visit the famous Forks area, which is the heart of the city – or the historic Mt. Capistrano area, which is considered one of the last true wilderness areas left in the world. Whether luxury train trip guests are traveling by train, air, sea, or road, there is something for everyone in these areas.

The Rockies truly offer something for everyone. Depending on the season, there are hiking tours, hot air balloon rides, and mountain biking events to keep you entertained. During summer, the highlands of the Rockies are filled with outdoor concerts, festivals, and family attractions. Meanwhile, in winter, the lowlands are blanketed by snow and ice, but still offer a beautiful view of the mountain ranges.

When traveling through the Rockies, you will definitely want to take the time to sightsee. From historic Fort Collins and its historic downtown area to Poudre Canyon, with its massive red rocks, to Denver’s Riverfront area, with its multiple parks and museums. And of course, if you don’t mind the crowds, you can always hang out at one of the hotels around the area. Luxury train vacation guests typically stay in a comfortable room or cabin, have their own private bathroom, and cable TV.

While Colorado certainly has a long history, the modern-day Rockies were formed in the past 70 years. Because of this, you’ll find a very different type of experience when visiting the mountains. For example, the old-growth forests, streams, and rivers of the west are now polluted with chemicals, noise, and pollutants from cities and industries. Today, these natural wonders are protected by the National Park Service. But if you want to enjoy them, you’ll have to go in “the zone.”

The National Park Service operates several car rental companies in the “Zone.” Many of these businesses are within walking distance of the park’s main entrance, allowing visitors to be on the path of the train as they slowly meander their way from the parking lot to the mountains. When looking for a place to rent a car, ask about the proximity to the park. Depending on the season, there may be better rates available in summer months. Another perk is that you can enjoy the mountains even more without worrying about disturbing wildlife, since the majority of train rides are designed as a solitary trip. You can take a more solo trip into the mountains if you like, but most of the park’s cabins are designed with couples, families, or groups in mind.

If you are planning a luxury travel through the Rockies, you might also want to consider an overnight train ride. Again, because the train passes through the Rockies, you’ll be exposed to the night sky. The result will be a unique and often beautiful view during your travels through the Rockies. Since the National Park Service operates a number of car rental companies in the vicinity of the train’s path, you can look forward to a fun night out while exploring the beautiful night sky. Luxury travel through the Rockies doesn’t have to be an expensive experience, especially when you consider the scenery and convenience that can be found by traveling this fast and easy.